'The Bachelor' Recap: Season Finale - Colton and Cassie [Spoiler]

13 March, 2019, 15:50 | Author: Rafael Roberts
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For those who missed that drama; Cassie told Colton that she was anxious she wouldn't be fully in love with him and ready for an engagement in the short amount of time that was left on the show.

Whatever he decides, expect plenty of feedback from Chris Harrison and a few Bachelor season 23 alumni, and some other familiar faces.

"You don't have to tell us if you're a virgin, because I can tell just by looking at you", Jimmy told Colton right away.

Cassie: "Colton wants a life and a family, and I'm not ready for that". They head outside to the Second-Chance Bench, where the (former?) Bachelor makes his case.

Cassie and Colton's mom then have a heartfelt one-on-one, where Cassie says the pressure of the decision for an engagement is what forced her to bail. Now Cassie looks surprised. In it, Cassie shows Colton a video where she reads from her journal and confesses her gushy feelings for him. And some thought her awkwardness on camera only meant that she was actually very real as opposed to some of the show's choices in the past.

The star was seen during a FaceTime conversation with Chris, who asked Hannah, 'Do you want to be the Bachelorette?'

The Bachelor Finale Colton Dad
‘The Bachelor’ season 23 finale recap

"I don't know what I'm ready for".

The next morning, a beaming Colton throws out a bunch of loaded statements ("I feel like a new man"), strongly hinting that he can no longer wear white to his wedding. And while Cassie may be wearing a white jumpsuit, the two aren't rushing to marry just yet. "I had ups and downs, absolutely, but I evolved as a person". "And at the end of the day, I want somebody who loves me and chooses me". (We all are!) Meanwhile, Cassie tells Colton's dad she wants him to be with someone who's "insanely in love with him" - i.e., not her - before Dad sits down for a heart-to-heart with his son, getting teary as they talk about the big emotional risk Colton is taking. That's when Colton offers her the overnight date card, and Cassie says yes. "I don't know if I'm fighting for something that's not possible".

Welp. ¡Vamos a España, rose lovers! They say they're "super in love" and are enjoy dating right now.

Nice to meet you! Tonight is part 2, and Colton will take the hot seat to answer questions about his quest to find love. The family reacts with embarrassed chuckles.

Waking up the next day, Colton, who says a gentleman "never kisses and tells", coyly elaborates on his evening with Cassie.

One of the most exciting things about The Bachelor season finale is learning who the brand new Bachelorette will be. "I went from 30 women to zero, and now to one", he explains. Did Cassie take him back... or did she break his heart again?

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