Windows 10 will start automatically removing problem-causing updates

12 March, 2019, 19:11 | Author: Patty Hardy
  • New Windows patch might make some games perform worse

The notifications won't pollute your Action Center and dismissing them in the app will also dismiss them on the connected Windows 10 devices. Microsoft's convoluted update program is infamous for botched implementations, and its massive user base has grown tired of every little automatically installed patch. Occasionally, these updates can fail due to incompatibility or issues in new software.

Why it matters: Microsoft puts out constant updates for Windows 10, and there's a good chance you've installed some that introduce problems to a system. However, a new support document outlines the company's latest plan to have your PC remove troublesome updates all on its own. It's worth noting that Microsoft performs this step only when it's done with all the other possible recovery methods.

Updates to Windows are supposed to fix problems and improve security, but sometimes they do the opposite.

Whether you love or hate Microsoft's automatic updates for Windows 10, it's a given you'll run into a snag at some point.

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If you stopped Windows 10 from automatically install system updates on your PC, you're probably not alone.

As reported by Hexus, Microsoft is working on a fix for this issue, but suggests that anyone impacted too negatively by the update to uninstall it for now while a patch is developed. At the end of the period, Windows will try to install the updates again.

Once an update has been removed, Windows will not attempt to reinstall it for another 30 days.

One thing Clark doesn't mention is any effort by Microsoft to ease the transition to Windows 10 by making the upgrade free again. But considering it's only done after all other fixes have failed, recovering from one may still be a very time-consuming process.



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