Lunar eclipse to take centre stage in Calgary on Sunday

20 January, 2019, 18:23 | Author: Sherry Houston
  • How to see the last 'super blood wolf moon' lunar eclipse for 18 years

You won't need any special equipment to view the super blood moon, it will be impossible to miss with a glance at the sky. will also have a livestream of the total lunar eclipse on its website.

The blood moon part happens when the bright moon creeps directly through the Earth's shadow, causing it to turn to gold, copper or even a dark red.

The moon will pass through the shadow created by the Earth from the sun's light, creating a total eclipse of the moon.

The entire eclipse will be visible from North and South America, as well as parts of western Europe (including the UK) and north Africa.

Take that away and you've got a super blood moon, which is a total lunar eclipse that happens at "perigee syzygy".

"They call it a supermoon because it's marginally closer to Earth in its elliptical orbit and it will be slightly bigger than the usual full moon", Thanjavur said. Some folks are also throwing "wolf moon" into the mix, a name given to any full moon that happens in the month of January.

This weekend, the partial eclipse will begin at 10:33 p.m. ET. Totality will last about an hour, beginning at 11:41 p.m.

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Send us your photos of the blood moon, which is due to be at its best in the early hours of Monday morning.

If skies are clear on Sunday night, the spectacular total lunar eclipse will be visible with the naked eye. There is something captivating about being able to see the silent motion of the Moon in real time, reminding us of our dynamic Solar System. The colour changes because small molecules that make up the Earth's atmosphere scatter blue light as sunlight passes through it, leaving behind mostly red light that bends, or refracts, into Earth's shadow.

"A blood moon is one of the few opportunities we have to see both the moon and the stars in the sky at the same time, since the moon is usually too bright", Freeman said.

"In other words, any full moon or new moon that comes to within 224,775 miles (or less) of our planet, as measured from the centres of the Moon and Earth". In this situation, the sun is behind the earth and the moon is situated in the earth's shadow. So any light passing through Earth's atmosphere during totality will stream through the area where all of that volcanic pollution is still "hanging out".

Moongazers take note, we'll see supermoons also on February 19 and March 21 this year. The moon's orbit is not a flawless circle, so sometimes it swings closer to Earth, while other times it's a bit farther out.

The Liberty Science Center in Jersey City will hold a Lunar Mania event on Sunday night into Monday morning.

Although it is a total eclipse, the moon will never go completely dark but rather take on a coppery red glow - called a blood moon.



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