Fortnite Monopoly is dropping in stores this October

10 September, 2018, 05:10 | Author: Patty Hardy
  • Fortnite Monopoly is a thing that exists and it’s releasing next month

An Epic Games employee confirmed on Twitter today that Fortnite Nerf guns are coming to toy stores next year.

We've updated this story with official images from Hasbro, as provided by IGN. And now Hasbro wants to capitalize on the success of Fortnite to partner up with Epic Games to bring out a Fortnite version of Monopoly. First come, First served! The site listed a price tag of £26.99 (around $35), but claimed a release date of November 26th. In addition, Mustard shared an image of the final art and game board for the Fortnite-inspired tabletop game.

Eurogamer was first to report that Fortnite Monopoly is available for preorder online now at United Kingdom retailer Zavvi for £26.99 with a November 26 release date. However, the pre-order page has since been removed. The listing stated that when a player loses all of their health points they also lose the game, and the victor is the last player left standing.

Just like the video game, the main goal is to be the last one standing.

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Every time I have ever tried to play Monopoly with my family, it has led to one of us wishing we could murder someone else, and in the Fortnite edition, I will finally be able to.

Actions include using bandages to regain health, shooting players on the same side of the board, building a protective wall, or dropping a Boogie Bomb, which takes a life away from everyone. Some of the changes include health points being used instead of money and properties named after locations on the map, such as Wailing Woods and Tilted Towers. According to IGN, players have health points instead of cash and each of the two dice have have a unique objective - one is for movement and the other is for "action".

The board game will also offer storm cards to deal damage to the property held by other players in the game. When you land on a property that has been taken by the storm you lose 2 life.



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